Sound Healing Guidance

Feminine Sacred Sound Wisdom

“Sacred feminine sound wisdom is a divine carrier wave of pure love. This essence vibration guides to teach, awakens to inspire, harmonizes to heal, and empowers to illumine, all hearts open to receive.” — LA

Lee Ann's Cloud RoomThe vibration of sound has a powerful effect on how we feel. It carves new neural pathways through the brain where memory and emotion co-mingle. We can clear past patterns of behavior and rigid held beliefs to create spaciousness within.

Far beyond ordinary states of relaxation, inner landscapes shift naturally as cellular memory is accessed, to move beyond the intellect. The higher soulful self begins to shine forth while the personality self becomes more integrated and unified.

Sound vibrates, we vibrate as we sit in contemplation, chant a mantra, hum a song. Our entire structure has a healthy frequency. When frequency becomes altered, that part of the body vibrates out of harmony. This is when disease is initiated. I energetically weave love and wisdom of the Divine Feminine principle to harmonically balance imbalances and open what is closed, all in accordance with the will of soul.

Vibration of sound offers opportunity to

  • Purify the mind and reduce mind chatter
  • Transform inner chaos, calm emotions
  • Relax the physical body
  • Restore the body to its normal vibratory frequency/balance
  • Expand consciousness

“LeeAnn’s ability to access ‘Innate wisdom’ combined with her use of ‘Sacred Sound,’ enable her as a loving source for Guidance, Counsel & Transformation. Her use of vibration is wielded with reverence, honoring the Sacred Sound Current. It is important to cognize that Lee Ann’s unique musical instruments (together with her voice of guidance) facilitate deep ‘Inner Journeying’ and the expansion of Consciousness to align individuals to their True Divine Nature.” — Dr. James B. Hopkins

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