Nature Journeys

“May we reverently walk in nature and bow to the mystery of Source, the interconnectedness in all things.” – LA

In my studies, I reference many traditions, philosophies and teachings to explain the concept of unity in diversity, healing into wholeness and the Oneness of life. When we contemplate, absolutely anything, we take the point of focus to its essential essence. Communing in nature offers opportunity to be poised and present in the Nature of All Things.

The natural world is always unfolding the meaning of existence right before our eyes. Sometimes what we thought was bothering us doesn’t really matter anymore, after a brief conscious walk in nature. We open our heart to receive insight into an issue that dissolves into nothingness. Then, we come to realize through our inner adjustment, we create a better world.

Yes, Nature will always be there for us, supporting us, inspiring us and guiding us to remember …… (Please refer to Nature Contemplation and the Inside Out Nature Adventure under Syinthesis® Programs).

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