Inner Path of Harmony

Inner path of harmony lights the way to world soul service.

“May we each unfold a lotus petal of self – a petal of ‘Holy Awareness’ – a tranquil knowing, that we are the sacred human.” – LA

Lee Ann Spiritual development requires that we walk a path of self-discovery. Whether service manifests by addressing physical or spiritual needs, it is expressed individually, through group meditation and directed toward planetary transformation. The outcome is always focused on World Service.

Soul work requires the development of an energetic connection, hand-to-hand, heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind. This models the world service of the Great Ones that go before us. This inner-work creates a lighted path, serving to guide those who follow. It is with this principle we strive to manifest goodwill, peace, love and right human relations on Earth.

Lee AnnThe Syinthesis® Programs offer heart-centered guidance & symbolic teachings to foster integration in mindbody spirit, true inner harmony. They nurture the growing wisdom of the individual, the spiritual community, thus the greater good of the whole.

Some BENEFITS you may experience participating in Syinthesis Programs:

  • Spiritual Well-Being
  • Harmony of the Physical, Emotional, & Mental Body
  • Self-Awareness
  • Unity Consciousness
  • Personal & Planetary Transformation

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