Treasure Mapping

The Alchemy of Treasure Mapping – A Heart-Centered Approach To a Soul-Expansive Experience

“To manifest we act; to act we commit, to commit we surrender, to surrender we recognize guidance, to recognize inner guidance we listen with inner ears, and as we listen, we learn trust, beauty, discernment and the way to be . . . free.” – LA Dzelzkalns

Photo of Lee Ann's Cloud RoomTreasure Mapping is a very old process of conscious creativity manifesting a desire, placed upon paper, focused with the heart-mind through visual energetic recognition. The Philosopher’s Stone of ancient alchemist’s was to turn the base metal of ‘limitation’ into the gold of ‘comfort & harmony.’ This is the alchemy where we mindfully visualize a goal ‘as if’ it is already achieved and manifested (creating a new blueprint to live by). This updated version of Treasure Mapping however, is deeply transformative, one with Infinite Guidance. ‘It reveals a subtle energetic vibration of an emerging gnosis (knowingness) to light the way before you, all in accordance with the will of one’s soul.’ (the formless) We weave the form of the creative expression with the formless essence.

In this workshop we rest the ‘mind in the heart’ and allow the visual energetic activation of symbols, colors, intentions, affirmations, and pictures, unfold before us, in a semi-meditative state. To create, we make space change into energy. We then make energy change into matter and to build forms to manifest a purpose.

Our mind is one of the great agents of this creative process. It is our entire sense of being, however, physically, emotionally and spiritually that contributes to the mystical fire of creativity.

This workshop includes:

  • Workbook – tools brushes adhesive glue-guns (You bring poster board, magazines & embellishments)
  • Theory & Practice (philosophy) – Rules of the Road
  • Universal Laws & Principles
  • Treasure Mapping in HIGH DEFinition
  • Purification – Meditation – Sound Healing
  • Create & Construct Treasure Map 2013

This workshop is a FAVORITE! Offered after the New Year! Private In-home gatherings are special too.

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