Seasonal Sound Journey

Seasonal Sound Journey: Rhythm & Cycles of Nature

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We experience four seasons in the Midwest as blatant shifts in climate, flora, and light. The four seasons sound forth an extravagant impulse to host an alignment of energies in mind, heart and body. Nature speaks to us to find a sense of balance and synthesis in our human nature and divine nature. How do we do this? Well . . . there is an archetypal spiritual force associated with each season, namely rhythms associated with each of the Equinoxes and Solstices.

These seasonal changes impact us with a specific spiritual impulse providing an opportunity for unfoldment of self, enhanced awareness, elevated consciousness, and a pause to ponder for revelation and insight to present. It truly is an initiatory time if we open our self to the oneness with the Nature of All Things. Each season has it’s own keynote and vibration.

Autumnal Equinox — The cycle and rhythm of this season offers us opportunity to harvest seeds of truth and remove rigid held beliefs. While we reap what seeds we’ve sown, we may create a beautiful fruition for new beginnings in our life. The rhythm inherent in this season is a time of purification and preparation.

Winter Solstice — This beautiful rhythm slows us down gradually that we may be able to seek inner revelation, generate our higher senses through meditation, creative insights and experience new birth. This is a time for creative expression to present, together with the energies of the feminine principle and qualities of birthing.

Spring Equinox — The rhythm inherent in this seasonal change represents new growth and resurrection. The days become longer and lighter. Seeds planted in Autumn and germinated in the winter, begin to show new life. New effort presents upon the threshold of life, generating a stronghold to move forward. Creative fires of rebirth are symbolic at this time. The qualities of the Winter Solstice are feminine in energy as the Spring Equinox evokes the dynamic expression of the masculine initiating energies.

Summer Solstice — The rhythm inherent in this season is the power of light. It is the synthesis of self, harmonizing our masculine (sun) and feminine (moon) natures. It is a time of transformation, birthing forth a greater expression of union. Alchemy teaches the true illumination of balance in the union of energies. Summer Solstice is a time of blending the male and female within us, for greater expression of self, abundant and loving – a time to create new relationships — synthesizing the light of our divine nature with our human nature – as One – in the Light of Truth and the Nature of All Things.


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