Nature Contemplation

Nature Contemplation – Contemplative Day Hikes in Nature

“Nature is One and we bring our self to wholeness by embodying the One Song within (Uni-Verse).” – LA

Lee Ann in a mountain above ScottsdaleNature is a guidepost to knowing our deepest truth. When we sit in the silence or hike in the grand design of nature, we take our point of focus to its essential essence. The core of this divine proportion is the golden spiral. We can see it embedded in all of nature. The unfurling of the fern, the unfoldment of the flower, the germination of the seedpod . . . this blueprint of nature is reflected in us. It is in our DNA as the double helix and spiraling configuration of galaxies. This elevated energy of the spiral speaks of universal harmony, pure balance and spiritual transformation.

Nature tells us a story about Being
Nature reveals truths, principles and insights
Nature unfolds the meaning of existence right before us.
Nature is a portal to Divine Creative Expression

David West PhotographyWhether we hike the beautiful vistas of the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin or venture on a spiritual journey in Zion National Park in Utah, we can learn to embrace life with new eyes. Nature Contemplation awakens us to our inner lives, to live life from the inside out.

We can choose to leave behind worn out thought-forms to expand into the full expression of One-Self. Here we become the practical mystic, walking the inner path, sharing the rhythm of life with others. Let’s go beyond the physical. Ready to journey in the nature of divine proportion together? Hikes are personalized and specific to meet your needs and concerns.

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