Quiet Sitting

Meditation Synthesis┬« – A Daily Ritual of Quiet Sitting

The inner path of harmony blends with the path of meditation. It is a spiritual practice of contemplation. There are many forms of introspective practice. The goal, however, is integration and transformation. To embody authentic spirituality, we must adopt a form of spiritual practice.

As we transition into a new age of practical mysticism, it is imperative we learn to ground the heart of heaven and earth in the essence self.

Quiet Sitting will assist you to:

  • Cultivate elevated consciousness while building a strong container of self to contact, hold and distribute spiritual energy.
  • Build a bridge of consciousness: Synthesize the mind and heart.
  • Learn to drink from your well-spring of spiritual waters.
  • Center Align and Attune to higher energies
  • Be calm in chaos, open the closed, be spontaneous and fluid
  • Integrate your lower nature (personality) and higher nature (soul).

The enduring inner path of cultivation is about refining our own inner landscape into humility, egolessness, harmlessness, and selflessness. A seated meditative practice requires discipline and a steadfast point of focus. Eventually we become the path itself and we contribute to the natural expression of the soul in service. Here we share our wisdom in the world (in the way of the practical mystic).

Join me in a simple sequential approach to quiet sitting that will expand consciousness and grow self-knowledge. A brief teaching will introduce each meditation.  It is scheduled around the New Moon. (please visit calendar)

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