Mandala Message of Wholeness

Mandala Message of Wholeness

(Vibration, Polarity, Balance & Rhythm)

Self-discovery can be expressed as that of a flower unfolding. Each petal opens to the full expression of the flower’s essence, unveiling its authentic nature. This workshop will guide us, one petal at a time, to understand the synthesis of the inner path of symbolic meaning and the outer path of symbolic form/experience.

Symbols guide us deep into the inner aspects of self. They present to us a hidden language filled with meaning specific to the moment. When we have a basic understanding of the fundamental laws of nature, we can interpret our guided meditations, dreams, nature walks and divine direct experiences.

We will interact with symbols, nature, sound, energy, and creatively express our impressions through drawing and movement.

Some BENEFITS Participating in this Workshop:

  • Awaken to symbols revealing in your life and how to interpret them.
  • Learn to embody the consciousness of ‘Guarding the One’ in the Daoist tradition (embracing the One Life at all times). Remember Pythagoras said, “God Geometrizes.”
  • Elicit a free-flowing expression of self, free from judgment, to notice what you notice and formulate a depth awareness with symbol and its meaning.
  • Cultivate an understanding of the laws of nature (vibration, polarity, balance and rhythm) and how they create a more harmonious life.
  • Experience the sound mandala through the healing vibration of sound.
  • Learn to interpret the basic structure of a symbol (based on the cycle of numbers 1 – 9)
  • Drawing symbols and mandalas based on one’s guided meditative sound journey is experienced and shared for self-expansion.

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