Lotus Heart Sound Journey

Lotus Heart Sound Journey

Around Full Moon (visit calendar) • 7:00-9:00 PM

“Dance in resonance with the full expression of One-Self, the divine rhythm of internal coherence, harmony, peace and love. This is our birthright.” — LA

Photo of Lee Ann's Cloud RoomTo find harmony in life we choose to balance what is reactive, open what is closed, and explore what is hidden.

Lotus Heart Sound Journey harmonically guides participants to integrate all aspects of self, synthesizing depth relaxation, imagery, sound healing, and integrative techniques to reduce stress and enhance emotional intelligence. With this inner work we enter the ‘path of purification’.  It can be described as a bath of psycho-spiritual detoxification.  It soulfully awakens one’s Truth of Being; as we are connected to the greater whole — one with the Nature of All Things.

“I really enjoyed the Lotus Heart Sound Journey. I have never had such an intimate, sensual experience with hearing. The sound floated through my eardrums and vibrated my soul. I felt as if I were transformed into a tiny particle whisked away on a cosmic wind. I can’t really find a word for it . . . Nirvana almost? I am envisioning new things to put on canvas, directly inspired by my sound journey with you.”   Thank you, Clark (24)

This Creative Sound Journey Helps to Cultivate and Foster:

1. self-awareness including kinesthetic (body) intelligence

2. intention and concentration

3. harmony and balance

4. a relaxed meditative approach to life

5. emotional calm and mental clarity

6. insights from the higher mind (intuition)

7. self-transformation and conscious creativity

8. spiritual expansion and evolutionary consciousness

Journey beyond the ordinary state of relaxation as inner landscapes shift naturally as cellular memory is accessed, moving you beyond the intellect.

Research shows that sound carves new neural pathways through the brain where memory and emotion co-mingle. We can clear past patterns of rigid held beliefs and create spaciousness within, as the sound current resonates our deepest and highest aspect of self.

“Thank you for your teaching and guidance. I look forward to our continued work together. I am grateful for the tools you have given me. Your teachings are easily integrated and called upon each day. I love love love that I am able to now use your teachings as a basis for continued spiritual growth and change. The vibrational healing of the Lotus Heart Sound Journey, supported by a basis of love and compassion, are profound in creating a wholeness that I have always longed for. This in no way means that I will no longer need your guidance, it is replaced I hope, by interdependence.” — KG

“The Lotus Heart Sound Journey’s are a reset for me. The sessions recalibrate my being to attune to my deeper self, allowing my intuition to clearly guide me. There is a peaceful happiness that prevails as I go about daily living. I feel more able to stay connected to my divinity and less bogged down by the denser material world.” – MA

Join us for the Lotus Heart Sound Journey experience. (Please see our calendar for dates.

“I have deepened into a meditation practice that is multi-faceted, after participating in L A’s Lotus Heart Sound Journey for 2-1/2 years. The vibration of sound and Lee Ann’s voice has connected me to what I call ‘Divine Creative Source’, opening my inner eye and heart to pure radiance, joy and love. I have begun to express this glorious creativity through movement, painting and sacred geometry. I am so grateful for this profound sharing.”  —  MAM

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