Lemniscation™ – Moving Meditation (Qi Gong style)

This symbolic moving meditation in eight directions (lemniscation = movement in a figure 8) will take you on an inner journey to your essential nature. I created this elegant form years ago when the whispers of my soul continued to echo ‘lemniscate’.  I recognized the fluid movement of this energetic blending in nature and all of life, in our breath and heartbeat.  The lemniscate is the infinity loop symbol horizontally, the figure 8 vertically and the mobius strip dimensionally. You are the center point, the midpoint of opposites, the still-point between the in-breath and out-breath.

It is through this Qi cultivating practice, you will purify and align, harmonize and strengthen your energy system, while initiating steps to embody the full expression of the One-Self. It is the energetic activation of SYNTHESIS weaving the form and the formless, through this movement, that initiates the return of self to the Self, the One-Self.

Potential BENEFITS of Lemniscation Moving Meditation:

  • Experience calm in chaos; to be peaceful in conflict
  • Relax the mind – be fluid in the body
  • Rhythm of breath and movement become seamless through Synthesis
  • Nourish one’s healing potential
  • Experience vitality and rejuvenation physically
  • Dissolve old patterns of self to birth a new you – Transformation
  • Spiritual expansion; Emotional calming; Mental clarity
  • Embody full expression of One-Self, here your universal self radiates the boundless essence of eternal nature, the One Life.

View the video or attend a class to cultivate and refine the subtle circuitry of your energy system. We will incorporate the harmonious rhythms of breath-work, sound vibration, and the power of words. This practice is a deepening approach of synthesis, for body, mind, heart and soul.


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