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As an ordained Interfaith Minister with the New Seminary based in New York City, I honor all forms of the divine. I have been performing ritual and ceremony for fourteen years: welcoming little ones into this world, binding two souls together in marriage, and helping individuals as well as their families in passing.

No matter which ritual, I always undertake a rigorous process of research. I interview the participants and family members, spend time in inspired contemplation, and delve into the ancient wisdoms. This practice ensures that each ceremony is tailored to the individual expectations of the participants and fulfills them.

For any ritual I perform, I cleanse and bless the location to make it holy. I’ve had a grandfather approach me after a wedding to express his surprise and delight because, even though we were under a tent in a farm field, he could feel the presence of the divine as though he were in church. This purification is incredibly important in that it creates a positive environment, aiding in the blessing. I welcome the sacred into any space, be it in a backyard, someone’s apartment, or a hotel lobby.


There are many ways to welcome a new soul into the world. I’ve aided parents in purification rites, naming ceremonies, and first steps on the ground ritual. However the parents want to recognize their family in the eyes of the divine, I always take special care to include the little one, speaking directly to him or her. After all, the ritual is to purify and bless the baby.

“Lee Ann created a very personal ceremony to bless and welcome our daughter into the world. She brought beauty and reverence to a special day and incorporated traditions from around the world to honor the spirit of our little one. She gave friends and family the opportunity to speak heartfelt wishes that our daughter will cherish forever. A special connection between Lee Ann and our family continues to grow out of the love that she bestowed on all who were present.” — Sarah & John Bartosch – Carra’s Baptism



I take special joy in performing weddings. Addressing both partner’s beliefs and traditions, my ceremonies are often an eclectic blend. I had the pleasure of marrying a couple, one Hindu and the other Irish. Afterwards family members came up to me and thanked me for being so conscientious and respectful of both sets of beliefs, but most importantly for blending both seemingly disparate elements into one cohesive, beautiful whole. And really this is what’s at the core of a wedding, the bringing together of heritages, of families, of lives.

“Lee Ann helped us create a ceremony unique to our relationship, rich in meaning, depth of heart. She has the gift of manifesting beauty through her words with great clarity and authenticity.” — Tracy & Eric Egenhoefer

“Lee Ann brought a spirituality to our outdoor ceremony that not only was personal, but moving to our family and friends. Two bluebirds flew above us during our ceremony, symbolizing happiness and fulfillment; that is how we feel about our wedding day. Thanks Lee Ann!” — Jeanne & Brad Schwager

“I am currently on an extended sabbatical from The Ministry of Wholeness. All requests for ceremony and ritual are being referred to my colleague Kristin Gillan.  She is completing a two-year training with me in the interfaith ministry and has performed beautifully rich and compelling wedding ceremonies to date.” ~ Lee Ann


I work with the family to help them grieve and let go of their loved one. This process is tailored to the family and the individual. I’ve performed services in restaurants that felt like a big party of honor, celebrating the life of the recently lost. But I’ve also done more somber affairs. If there is one who is about to transition, I have experience in hospice work and can minister to his or her needs. I help the transitioning individual move through fear, pain, and regret, so when the time comes, he or she is ready.

“LeeAnn has given our family the spiritual lift, guidance and love during the loss of two close family members. She has also officiated a wedding and two baptisms in our family. We turn to her for the joyful times, but it is her compassion and faith that was so important to us during the sorrowful times in our family. She is so much more than a spiritual officiant. LeeAnn’s genuine loving persona was evident from the first time we met her. It is who she is. We feel we have truly found a friend who was put on our path for a reason. Our life’s journey is enriched by knowing her.” — The Osinski Family

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