Inside Out

Inside Out – A Spiritual Adventure in Nature

An annual journey to Zion National Park in Springdale, Utah

“Our journey is to explore and discover through our life lessons and inner illuminations, that we truly are love beyond measure, that we are the divinity we seek.” – LA

This adventurous spiritual journey, in the heart of the majestic canyons of Zion National Park, offers lighthearted and creative insights to cultivate a deep understanding of Self. This journey is dedicated to fostering spiritual awakening and harmonious living. We will delight in the canyons, the waters, the forests, and the golden fields. We will relax, unwind and expand from the ‘inside out’.

The energy of synthesis (balance/harmony) blends all aspects of self to elicit a heightened sense of awareness. NATURE tells us a story about Being. It is our non-dual nature that births in the womb of the great mother canyon, while petals of self unfold the essence self, in right time.

We explore and discover, uncover and recover personal expansions, a growth of awareness that constitutes characteristics of the soul. As we are bathed in the starry night sky of the Milky Way, it reminds us, ‘We are One with All That Is!’ We live in a seamless reality.

From nurturing meditations to soulful hikes, purifying rituals to sound healing sessions and teachings on sacred geometry, the diversity of INSIDE OUT will yield a unification of personal and group truths. Yesss!! Plans are under-way for October 2013. Come Join Us. — Lee Ann

The geometry of the spiral speaks to us of the journey’s stillness deep within, while we forage upward to expansive heights of canyons peaks (symbolizing evolution or the path of return). Majestic vistas and canyons deep, take the breath away in awe and appreciation, for what is and what is to be – guiding us deep in (symbolizing involution or the path of forthcoming). Spiral is the cosmic symbol of UNIVERSAL HARMONY AND SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION. We find the point of balance in our steady strong center, the ‘mind in the heart’.


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