Syinthesis Programs

Photo of Antelope Canyon wallOUR TASK is to bring consciousness to all aspects of self, creating heightened spirituality within. When we are able to sustain inner harmony, we experience contact with our soul and realize the Nature of All Things. When we are able to integrate our lower nature and heed the call of our higher nature, we experience synthesis of self. It is through expansion of consciousness kinesthetically, emotionally, environmentally, rhythmically, intellectually, socially, and spiritually that we come to find soul’s hidden potentials which awakens our ‘truth of being.’

The Visionary Design of my work is to re-awaken the deepest aspect of self to recognize souls’ purpose and the Oneness of Life. Sessions entail teachings to guide, lessons to deliver insights and objectives to enlighten one’s soul.

As we experience the Nature of All Things in the nature of being whole, we recognize the truth of living a soul-aligned life. Let’s walk through nature together and glean the essence of the moment. Let’s embody the vibration of synthesis and re-awaken the dance of being ‘poised in presence.’ Let’s center in our heart and be grounded in spirit and walk the path of the One.

The unique spelling of Syinthesis® revealed . . .

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